We’ve wanted to turn our windowsill into a desk for some time now, hampered only by ums and ahhs over material choices. Do we just buy some new wood? Or should we plane some of the old boards at Kuusiku? Or maybe we can find a wood yard and pick up a nice old piece of Oak.

As is usually the case, the internet came to the rescue when Maarja found a 2nd hand Norden IKEA table on the Estonian auction site, a steal at 16 Euros. Not bad considering they cost 299 Euros in IKEA.

The 3 leaf birch table was exactly the right size to span the gap in front of the windows, and after some thought about the right depth, I got to work.

I knew that the jigsaw was the wrong tool for the job, with such thick hard wood the blade tends to veer off on the underside of the cut. But i went slowly and checked regularly and it just about worked, any wonky edges are out of sight under the table.

I decided wax would look nice, which it did, until i put my cup of tea down on it, maybe oil would have been a better option but you live and learn.